Here are the things which you will learn in Finland the most, as suggested by the best immigration consultants in Dubai!

Punctuality: It is famous that South Asians are unpunctual. Their every meeting and class is late because of their being poor in time-management. However, Finns are the opposite. The teachers will start their lecture at 4 pm exactly whether most of the class is late and absent. According to many of the Asians, Finns teachers come before time and stare at the clocks to start their class. Many of the Asians that Finns want another person to be as punctual as them. That’s why they get angry when other people get late and give excuses.

Safe for Women: Travelling in public transport and go somewhere alone on the streets is unsafe in South Asian countries. Many of the women and girls face sexual harassment and verbal abuse on the streets. They are stared by street-goers. However, Finland is safer for women and girls of all ages. The majority of them feel safe in public transport and streets at midnight as well. Besides, most of them go out on weekends and have fun without feeling tensed about their clothes and what society says because of the freedom that country has given to all people and its blessing for a woman of South Asia to travel on streets alone while feeling safe and secure. 

Sun is important: South Asians do not give importance to the presence and light of the sun as they have summers for most for the time but Finland has too cold winters that the temperature drops down below zero and sunsets after the two hours of the midday. Therefore, Finns love the sun and the sunlight and Asians understand its importance when they spend their winters there once. 

No spice: Unlike India, Bangli and Pakistani food, Finnish food lack spices. The majority of their foods have minimum spices or no spices that make it difficult for Asians to adjust there for the first few months and it is their home food which they miss the most when they come there. 

Nature: If you are born in South Asian country then you will fall in love with Finland because of its think greenery and giants trees that force you to spend some f the time on streets in the shades of them beside the herbs and shrubs. The country is called the land of a thousand lakes because of having too much water there.

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