Since ages it has been the talk of the town to eat natural food, exercise and use natural products. When we look back into time, there were healthy people with less deformities, abnormalities and diseases. They were even active than all of us and were used to do their own work all by themselves. Back in time, food was all natural because advancement in every prospect of life was lacking compared to now. Food used to be unprocessed, preservative less and without artificial colours maintaining not only quantity but quality as well. This food was either natural fruits, freshly grown wheat, rice, barley, spinach, potatoes, pulses, apples, grapes etc. Finest food provided people with great health benefits and so people in the past generation used to have a longer life span than us. Secondly, there were no machines like blenders, trucks etc so people used to do these tasks all by themselves and that was a form of exercise.

Nowadays with food everything else has artificiality added in it. People do not even exercise. The natural and herbal cures have been replaced with advanced ones. Goat milk, lemon, aloe vera, raw honey, papaya and cucumber used to be the best things that could be applied onto skin for making skin more radiant, moisturized, nourished, freckle/ wrinkle less and younger looking. Cleopatra, who is still famous among us for her beauty had no access to artificial creams, and used all natural remedies. Today, we use artificial beauty products instead of organic beauty products that are far expensive and harmful for skin.

The world has now realised the importance of organic products and is trying best to let things stay as simple and natural as possible and has even put a ban on single use plastic.

Dubai has also taken this serious and now it is specializing in naturally made products including beauty, medical, oral and bathroom accessories Dubai online.

These things are being  realised by us over the time and we are damaging greenhouse, our environment and our life as well as wildlife due to this negligence and it is better to take steps to avoid using artificial means in daily life to save the planet before it gets too late.