During the worst times of a patient he only demands to be taken good care of. Some good words and humble actions towards him can change the game, give him support and motivate him for his own good. A good nurse is always a blessing. A nurse is a caretaker for the patients in need they help the patients in managing their health conditions, prevent them from further illness and the physical or mental support they need. In order to all this, a nurse needs to be observant and should monitor the patient. take a close up on the previous health records of the patient. 

Throughout the treatment, the nurse has to act according to the patients needs and follow the process that is the best in the patients behalf. The love and care provided by a nurse goes beyond the work a medicine can do for him and is a therapy to him. the nurses are responsible for the physical as well as the spiritual help of the patient.  This encounters the mental, spiritual and phycological development of the person. You can find great nurses in Dubai.

Role of a nurse:

The main role of a nurse is to support and care for people with different ethnic and   religious backgrounds. To support them in the rough time during their illness there are also some other responsibilities of a nurse other than just nursing. They may include recording the medical history of the patient and diagnosing how he needs to attended, to record the patients’ health status and how well he is recovering or not, to collaborate with the team attending the patient and deciding a health plan for the patient, educating the patient about his health and how he need to react towards it and the last but never the least to support the patient and guide him to make his health the first preference. Nursing is the way of showing others how selflove can change them. A nanny is also a nurse that takes care of the children, you can find British nanny in Dubai by different organizations.

When the patient is about to be discharged, a nurse should be responsible enough to give the caretaker (whomever he is supposed to be) some tips and notes on how to take care of the patient.  They should also be aware if the patient feels better a