Whether you are looking to move in or out of any country, there are requirements that you will be required to fulfill. One of the first requirements is to have all your documents and certificates attested. Believe it or not, the attestation service will serve all your needs when it comes to attestation of documents. In case you are wondering why it is mandatory to attest all your documents, there is a simple reason for it.

Attestation is the universal standard of legalizing your documents. in simple words, attestation will make your documents legal and accepted in other countries. Similarly, The Hague convention signatories will supplant the procedure using an apostille.  However, attestation is predominantly the most acceptable way that allows you to enter other countries. Without attestation, your documents will not be accepted. In fact, the certificate attestation services in Dubai is a standard process to have your documents accepted. Here are some benefits of hiring an authorized attestation service for your documents:

Certificate Attestation

If you are looking to move to Dubai, you will be asked to submit attested documents for further verification. Once you’ve successfully submitted attested documents, the embassy of UAE will send it for further attestation and verification. Certificates that are found to have some discrepancies or improper attestation will be returned to the candidate. Keep in mind that attestation will first be carried out by the embassy of your home country. Once approved, the certificates will be moved forward to the embassy the country you intend to move. It will take the embassy around one week or more, depending upon the traffic, to verify your attested certificate. If the certificate is found short on one or more parameters, the certificate will be sent back to the home embassy with objections attached. As such, it is important to have all your certificates and documents attested properly. Send them to the consulate and let them verify each and every aspect. 


The same procedure that was applied to the certificate will be applicable to your documents. This will be the case when you are looking to move to a country for educational purposes. All your documents will be duly attested and will then be submitted for further verification. Documents will then be sent to the consulate or embassy of that country. In either case, it is important to have your documents properly attested before you move up with submitting your documents to the relevant embassy. Read here more about this to understand the attestation procedure for birth certificate attestation in Dubai.