School is not a place where students are taught A, B and C. In fact, it should be a place where they are groomed. For grooming, there is need to have some activities which make the students more aware and alert and which can give them more exposure. 

Thus there are activities which school can introduce but three must-introduced activities are:

  1. Sports: Sport plays an important role in keeping children and adults healthy physically. They sharpen their memory and cognitive skills as well; therefore, introduce outdoor and indoor sports in school. Add football, cricket, chess, scrabble and different kinds of sports to give them choices. And before selecting, it is important for teachers to see that what is easy for them. If they can arrange football coach, then add football otherwise go towards another sports. Moreover, teachers can list down five to 10 sports and ask children that what their favourite sport is. The sports would be chosen according to the votes of majority public.
  2. Dance: Dance let a person to express himself or herself by moving the body in different styles that can glue the eyes of viewers. The introduction of dance classes for kids will make the classes and school full of fun because they would learn to express themselves. They would learn to relax themselves when they are too tired and they would learn to manage their tensions and stress because dance makes your muscles flexible. It gives you different ways of thinking because you dance on music and music rewires the brain. Therefore, cognitive skills are found to be improved by dance and dance practices. There are different kinds of dances. School can introduce two to three types of them according to the taste of student to make the class enjoyable and less hectic. Teachers are required to see website of any dance school in Dubai to get an idea of how to teach them according to their pace.
  3. Public Speaking: Communication is an important part of our life. Your life can have absence of something or anything but it has always the presence of communication because it is the communication that educates you and that teaches you. That’s why, try to teach students a skill to speak confidently in public. This will help them to bring their talent out. In this way they will learn to express themselves verbally. Try to teach them basics of public speaking so that they can attract the audience and glue their eyes towards them.

So, these are, few activities which can be introduced in school to make the school less boring and more enjoyable.