What Is A Penthouse Apartment?

Penthouse apartments are luxurious units on the top floors of apartment buildings. They can cost anywhere from DH 2,000 a month to over DH 100,000. While their high price tag can be appealing, they also have their disadvantages. They are often at the top of the building, which means they are more prone to lawsuits and extreme weather. If you are considering buying luxury penthouses for sale, this information will help you make an informed decision.

Penthouse apartments are luxury units on the top floor of an apartment building:

Located on the top floor of an apartment building, penthouse apartments offer the ultimate luxury. They usually feature floor-to-ceiling windows and vaulted ceilings. They also tend to cost a bit more than their lower-floor counterparts.

They can cost between Dh2, 000 and DH100, 000 per month:

Penthouse Apartments are typically located on the highest floors of buildings and offer incredible views. Depending on location, penthouse flats can cost anywhere from DH 2,000 to Dh 100,000 per month.

They are more vulnerable to extreme weather:

Penthouse Apartments are more susceptible to extreme weather than other types of rental units. These apartments can be prone to leaks and mold and can cost up to five percent more than other types of rental units. These units are also more vulnerable to extreme temperatures, so the utilities and repairs will also be more expensive.

They have cantilevered balconies:

Penthouse Apartments with cantilevered balconies offer a unique and elevated outdoor living space. The design is reminiscent of a tree, with cantilevered balconies branching off the building’s trunk and shades sprouting from the façade. The design was guided by the local lifestyle and the architects used physical 3D models and space experiments to develop the blueprint. The exterior of some buildings features enormous cantilevers, some more than seven meters in length. These balconies provide shade and protection from the sun.

They are more expensive:

Penthouse apartments are higher priced than other types of apartments. This is because they have more square footage, the highest-quality appliances, and are generally the most luxurious rentals available. These units are generally located on the top floor of the building and can have exclusive elevator access or a special key. As a result, penthouses tend to be sought-after among high-income renters.