There are so many things that an average person is oblivious to and it is only fair that we enlighten you about the different important facts about elevators that very few people are aware of. Some of them might help you save your life while other’s – not so much. Always remember to be safe by following the precautionary measures listed outside.

Let’s see what lift companies in UAE know about elevators but we don’t:

  • Elevators are safer: This may sound like a myth but it is very true that elevators are a safer option than escalators and this is the reason that most people prefer elevators instead of escalators as the ratio of accidents is subsequently smaller.
  • Ratio of accidents: This is not well known but there are 26 car accidents per day than there are accidents occurring in lift per year. 26 people die annually due to lift accidents and most of those are the lift technicians working on a fault or maintenance.
  • Elevators required two workers to function: The lift navigation buttons that we know today aren’t the same ones that used to be when the elevators were first newly introduced. It required two people to function it properly and when the modern navigation was used it stripped many people off their jobs.
  • Personal space: The warnings claiming that only four people are allowed to ride the elevator at a time is actually based on the fact that personal space of each should be 2.3 feet. You may take that fact as an ethical one but it does mean something to technicians.
  • Myth: The old myth suggests that when an elevator is falling off you should jump in order to avoid its impact. All myths aren’t true and thus isn’t this one. You will never know when to jump or how fast enough to overcome the impact.
  • Height: Tall buildings such as Burj Al Khalifa has different lifts taking to different heights because as suggested by the laws of physics, the height of elevators cannot be taller than 1700 feet as the ropes and cables holding it together uptight may snap together.

To conclude lifts are a safer option than anyone may think and this is the reason that the same laws are applied in different lifts such as hydraulic and platform lift company in Dubai etc. for industrial purposes.