Getting degree in MBA is like a dream for some people because doing MBA is not cup of tea for everyone. But when you take admission in MBA program, initially you have two years to complete the core course of MBA program. In colleges or universities you learn basic concepts and things from your course books. You have to give business presentations that help you to boost your confidence level. But after completing your core course in last year you have to choose specific specialization field in MBA program. In Middle East there are several international universities and colleges that offer best specialization MBA courses in Abu Dhabi such as finance, MBA in Human Resources, MBA in marketing, and MBA in Information technology.

Here is some most demanding MBA specializations program, let’s have a look.

MBA in finance:

MBA in Finance is the most popular choice among students. Approximately 22% MBA students choose this specialization program for career. MBA finance students can get jobs in bank, estate developer business and even in organization. After completing the MBA finance students can also start their own business and play vital roles in job like Finance manager, project manager, credit risk manager etc.
MBA in HR:

As a MBA in HR students learn that how to manage the industry. They learn that how to recruit the workers. When you get degree in MBA in HR you can get jobs easily in any organization because HR department is need for every organization. As HR manager you have many responsibilities such recruiting the workers, selection of workers, and training of these workers and designing their jobs. They are also responsible to motivate the workers through promotions performance rewards.

MBA in IT:

Information technology sector is expanding day by day in every sector that is why the demand of this degree is growing rapidly in industry. Companies are hiring these degree holder students due to their expertise and technical skills.

MBA in marketing:

MBA in marketing is one of the most demanding specialization programs in competitive market. Businesses need to grow their business with the help of different marketing tactics and strategies. Marketing skills are very essential part of every business because it creates marketing tools and strategies helps branding of your product and services.  That is why it is one the biggest reasons that mostly students are preferring MBA in marketing specialization. Because in this field there are much potential of career opportunities.

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