Train will run under water from Dubai to Mumbai?

After the hyperloop and driverless flying car, the UAE is considering another ambitious project of the future, which is linked to India. In the near future, the train under the sea may run between Dubai and Mumbai. According to Khaleej Times, this was revealed by Abdullah Alshehi, Managing Director and Chief Consultant of National Advisor Bureau Limited during the UAE-India Conclave in Abu Dhabi.

Alshehi is the founder of the consultancy firm National Advice Bureau Limited. He said that apart from UAE-India this underwater rail network will also benefit other countries of the region. Apart from passengers, it can also be used for import-export of oil and other goods.

He said, 'This is an idea. We want to connect the Indian city of Mumbai with Fuzera with a very fast underwater rail network. This will also boost bilateral trade. Oil will be exported to India and additional water will be imported from Narmada.

He said, 'This plan still needs to be considered from several perspectives. We will do a feasibility study for the project. If this idea changes to reality then the rail network will be around 2000 km.

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