Statement filed in three cases

On Wednesday, in the case of protesting the way, the state forest minister Upendra Tiwari surrendered in the special court (MP MLA). He submitted an application for bail, after hearing on which the special court approved the bail application. The next hearing of the case will be held on January 10, 2021.

This order has been given by Special Judge Pawan Kumar Tiwari to defense advocate Shitala Prasad Mishra. The incident took place on March 29, 2013, at Ballina's Lunga police station. The then BJP district president Upendra Tiwari was accused of staging a road jam along with his supporters.

In this case, on Wednesday, Upendra Tiwari appeared in the special court and submitted a bail application. In another lawsuit blocking the national highway, Upendra Tiwari had a non-bailable warrant against the court. On Wednesday, he filed for revocation of the warrant. After hearing on which the court canceled the warrant and released it on a personal bond of Rs 50,000.

recorded in three cases Upendra Tiwari's statement was recorded on Wednesday after the prosecution evidence in three cases of attempted murder recorded at Colonelganj police station in Prayagraj. The next hearing has been set as January 7, 2021 for the evidentiary evidence.

The case relates to the Hindu hostel of Colonelganj police station area on 29 March 1996. In this case, three cases were registered against Upendra Tiwari and others. All the three cases are being heard in the special court.

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