Mohammad Aziz's last rites, not a single film star went

Not a single star of Hindi cinema was included in the celebrations of the famous singer of Bollywood Mohammad Aziz, who skyrocketed to fame. Despite this, a crowd of his fans walked a distance of several kilometers to take his body to the cemetery. Mohammed Aziz's line with his fans was lined up to shoulder the funeral.

By the time he reached the cemetery, hundreds of people who had heard the songs of Hindi cinema had gathered outside the cemetery, everyone kept thinking that there was no one to associate the sun in this city that salutes the fame. All the big stars from Anil Kapoor to Govinda and Amitabh Bachchan got fame by playing Mohammad Aziz's onscreen. However, none of them came to the singer's funeral. However, the actors playing with him supported him till the end.

His secretary Bablu had told that his program was in Kolkata on Monday night. When he came to Mumbai Airport on Tuesday afternoon, his health deteriorated. After sitting in the cab, he told the driver, I am not feeling well. He was then taken to Nanavati Hospital where doctors said he had a heart attack and was declared dead.

Earlier, Aziz had told in his interview that when he came to Mumbai in 1982, he was given the first break by Sapan Jagmohan. Aziz also used to visit the music director Anu Malik's house during his struggling days. But he told that Anu was also struggling a lot during that time. One day Anu called Aziz to the recording room and asked him to sing the title song 'Mard Taengwala' from the film 'Mard'.

Aziz said that this song was sung for Amitabh Bachchan which is very fortunate for him. Let me tell you that this song Aziz had gained great recognition. Director Manmohan Desai and actors Shammi Kapoor and Amitabh were also present during the recording of the song Marda Tanghewala. He said that there used to be a live recording first.

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