Garhwal rifles martyr ... martyr during mine blast,

Son of Sune village in Chamoli district, lone brother of four sisters, brave soldier of 10th Garhwal Rifle… Every eye is moist today after knowing the story of martyr Surjit Singh. Shaheed Surjit Singh is from a very poor family, where he spent his childhood in Muflissi. The family consists of an old mother, a brother and four sisters. Since the news of martyrdom, there is a wave of mourning in the village of Sayun in Chamoli. The mine exploded during an army campaign at Rajouri in Jammu and Kashmir. Surjeet Singh was martyred on the spot due to its grip. The family is shocked when the police informed the family about this late at night. You will also be sad to know that the martyr Surjit Singh's wife died a year ago.

They have no children. Shaheed Surjit Singh has four sisters and Surjeet is the youngest among them. Shaheed's elder brother Mahabir Singh stays home. It has been learned that Surjeet's father died about 22 years ago. Due to the departure of the father, there were many reasons to eat and earn at home. Somehow he completed his studies and got enrolled in the army. Now the house was a little cautious that Surjit Singh became a martyr. It is reported that Surjit Singh Rana came home on leave some time ago and returned to duty after that. On Saturday evening, family officials received a call from military officials and informed about Surjit Singh Rana's martyrdom. The son of the village of Sayun was killed in the mine blast. Also know when and how the mine blast happened.

Actually on Saturday, army exercise was going on in the Chaprayal area of ​​Palanwala on Jammu's Kaleeth field firing range. During this, the mine was blasted. Due to this, two army soldiers were martyred. A soldier has also been injured in this accident. At the moment there is a wave of mourning in the martyr's village. Everyone is saluting this brave person with grief in heart and respect for martyrdom in heart.

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